Tech Session – 2011

wp_IMG_7151 April 9, 2011

After a quiet start, due to the weather, cars started to roll in .

Not too many projects were completed, and until the food came out and we could really accomplish something, the sun arrived and so did more cars.  Bill Shields from Carriage craft brought his MGB racer giving rides to some, Bill Silvershein and his wife Debbie ( Maaco) brought a Cobra, and we really just compared improvements to our cars from the winter months.  The Hosts had to leave before the party broke up due to a prior engagement, so the remaining Gremlins cleaned up the food and packed the refrigerator. drank some more beer, and when Dave and Gloria arrived home they found everything tidy except for some extraordinary burnout marks in his garage floor.  You really have to come to these events to see some interesting things!!! Attendees were Lee Wesner GMC, Adam and Eva Ilnicki- MGB and daughter, John Hunt- Miata, Chuck Denglinger- MGTD, Tom Rippert and Dick Suffredini-MGB, Lyn & Bobbie Hughes-Ford Explorer, Dave Sarley- MGC, Paul Phillips-MG midget, Donna Bristol-Jeep, Pat Cawthorne-MGB, Warren Dorner-MGB, Bill Boorse-MGB, Dick Comly-MGTD, Jeff Rose-Healey, Louise Story-MGB, Wade Albright-Hulio and friends.  With all of them we still had food left over.  Go figure!!  Thanks to all who came and brought food and great stories!

Dave & Gloria


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