Hi all – Spring is finally here and we hope that you’ve been able to get out and about in your MGA, Magnette or variant.  Judging by your newsletters, your tech sessions are done and you’re now out enjoying those MG roads.  Here’s the latest NAMGAR buzz.  Please pass this on to your chapter or interest group members.

1. Drive Your MGA Day – Saturday, May 7, 2011 – That includes any cars under the NAMGAR umbrella.  Don’t forget to take some pictures and send them to the editor of MGA! ( and the web site coordinators (

2. MG 2011 / GT 36 – This event is shaping up nicely and it looks like there going to lots to see and do both with MG’s and the beautiful scenery around Reno.

A. Registration – Please register now and reserve your hotel.  For information, we suggest first going to to view the promotional video.  Next go to for the MG 2011 link to register for both the event and one of three hotels.  Registration and vendors will be located in the Silver Legacy Hotel.

B. NAMGAR GT Chapter Attendance Award – The NAMGAR Board of Directors has announced that starting with this year’s GT 36 an annual award will be presented to the chapter with the most attendees.  Chapters have always been strong supporters of GTs so recognizing an individual chapter for its efforts at achieving top attendance at a GT is a very visible way of expressing NAMGAR’s appreciation of what chapters bring to NAMGAR.

Here’s the rules for the NAMGAR GT Chapter Attendance Award:

1. All attendees when checking in at registration will also identify which NAMGAR chapter they are representing and how many people are in there party.

2. The host chapter would be exempt from the competition.

3. The chapter coordinators will then tally each chapters attendees.

4. The chapter with the most attendees will be awarded two (2) one year memberships to NAMGAR by the Chapter Coordinators at the awards banquet (at MG 2011 / GT 36 it will be on chapter night).  The winning chapter then decides how they wish to distribute the two (2) one year memberships.  For example they may draw two names from their members that attended the GT or they may hold a raffle within their chapter.

5. A photo of the winning chapter group would be taken for MGA! and the web site.

Let the competition begin.  Don’t forget to tell your chapter members who are attending MG 2011 / GT 36 that they have to identify both themselves and their chapter at registration.  May the best chapter win!

C. Annual NAMGAR Chapter / Interest Group Contacts Meeting – Wednesday, June 15th from 3 – 5 PM

Chapter & Interest Group Contacts please make arrangements to attend this meeting.  It’s your chance to dialogue with NAMGAR Board & Staff members and also to share common issues and successes with other chapter and interest group contacts.  Refreshments and snacks will be provided.  If you’re not going to Reno please appoint an attending chapter or interest group member to attend in your place. Please forward any items that you want added to the meeting agenda to us at( by June 1st.

D. MG 2011 Door Prizes – Please check with your officers and see if your chapter would like to donate a door prize for MG 2011.  George Merryweather is coordinating this effort for MG 2011 and would appreciate any assistance that your chapter could provide.  Please send any donations of door prizes directly to: Gene deRuelle, MG 2011, 4410 Camino Lindo Way, Reno, NV 89502.  Be sure and label your donation “Door Prize” and include your chapter’s name.  All donors will receive credit for their donations.  All donations should be received by June 1, 2011.

E. Segway Human Funkhana @ MG 2011 – Monday, June 13th from 1 – 4 PM will be the first time that an opportunity to participate in a Human Funkhana will be offered.  Renofuntours has agreed to provide Segways, helmets, etc. for the event.  There will be a brief lesson on how to ride a Segway and a little practice time before setting off on the course.  Participants will be required to sign a waiver and pay $10 per person; persons should be at least 18 years of age (14 to 17 yrs old allowed with a parent present) and weigh between 100 and 250 lbs.  Sign ups prior to the event are encouraged to reserve a spot.  Email Carol Shamonsky at so that a schedule can be set up.  So if you’ve ever thought, “I wonder how much fun it would be to ride a Segway?” or “Gee, I’d love to try to do a funkhana.”; now you can do BOTH!  This sounds like a hoot! Participants will also be able to make reservations for a 1 1/2 hour Segway tour of Reno led by a tour guide for another day at a reduced price of $50 per person.

3. Rallye To Reno – There’s already more than 100 cars signed up to participate.  If you’re driving your MG out to MG 2011, this could be the drive of your MG lifetime.  Go to for more information.

4. NAMGAR Regional’s – There’s two scheduled this fall.  One in the east and one in the west.

Eastern – NAMGAR at Solomons Island, MD – September 28 – October 2, 2011.  The Mid Atlantic Chapter is hosting this regional. Go to for information.

Western – MG Fall Festival – September 29 – October 2, 2011 at Petaluma, CA.  The MG Owners Club of North California is hosting this regional.  Go to for information.

5. Newest Affiliated Chapter – A big NAMGAR welcome is extended to the Florida Suncoast MG Club as NAMGAR’s 53rd affiliated chapter.  Long time NAMGAR members Bert & Bruce Rauch are the chapter coordinators.  Welcome aboard!

6. Renkenberger Spirit Award – As you attend events, look back on a chapter or Interest group member who has done a lot or is always there when you need him or her.  The Renkenberger Spirit Award is given by NAMGAR to a requesting chapter or interest group for presentation to a member.  The guidelines are attached.

On behalf of NAMGAR have a great 2011 driving season and thanks for being a chapter or interest group contact.  Remember it’s not the destination but rather the journey that’s important.  May all your MG roads be sunny and winding.  We hope to see many of you at MG 2011 / GT 36.   Lee & Liz Niner – NAMGAR Chapter & Interest Group Coordinators

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