Anniversary Party – 2011

wp_IMG_6906March 12, 2011

The DVC 41st Anniversary Celebration was at the home of Dotty and Bruce Allen in Bedminster, PA. The anniversary party began with a tour of Bruce’s garage which contained his MG TB and his collection of other  beautifully restored/preserved cars. The attending members then enjoyed a delicious Italian Dinner including tasty hors d’oeuvres, wonderful desserts and a choice of libations.

Bruce and Dotty’s home included a game room of which the members took advantage for  friendly competition.  The attendees also had a  chance to remember past good times as members brought MG photos, videos and albums.

Although there were no founding members present,  Tom and Jaimee Rippert, Ernie and Barbara Feldgus, and  Earl Wanklin were present and  have been  members for almost 41 years. Tom Rippert was also present at the first DVC meeting.

The meeting opened with Tom Rippert  recognizing  the board members who were present and  gave his and the club’s grateful appreciation to Liz Niner, the outgoing treasurer. Patty Cawthorne was recognized as the club’s new treasurer.

The upcoming events were reviewed by Dick Suffredini . These included preliminary preparations for British Marquee’s Triathlon IX .This year it will be held on August 26-28 at Point Lookout Resort in Northport, Maine.

The celebration proceeded with the much anticipated awards ceremony.

  • The suspense for this year’s Owards ended as Tom Rippert and Dick Suffredini presented these  coveted awards to three deserving individuals.

Dart Board Miss – Donna Bristol – For her impeccable aim at the Battle of the sexes which left the dart board unscathed.

AAA-Wire Crimper – Jim Sanders – For breaking down on the Blue Route on the way to Wildwood Weekend and then being  towed back home. It was only  due to a loose connector  on the fuel pump.

Empty Shock – Tom Rippert – For arriving at Wildwood Weekend with an empty front shock absorber. Tom showed all in the parking lot  how to refill the shock.

  • After a year of enjoyment of the secrets found only between its covers, Ben and Cindi Nolan presented  The Book to  Jim and Diane Sanders.
  • The rotating Cecil T Octagon Oward for Outstanding Photography and Cinematography was presented to Chuck Denlinger for his cover photos appearing in Sacred Octagon.
  • A Door Prize donated by Ragtops and Roadsters was won by Barbara and Ernie Feldgus.
  • Thank You MG Key Fobs were presented to Bruce and Dotty Allen for Hospitality, Fine Food & Beer and a fabulous garage tour of a most impressive collection of cars.

Attendees of the 41st Anniversary Party

Bruce and Dotty Allen; Dick and Sandy Suffredini; Lew Phillips; Ernie and Barbara Feldgus; Donna Bristol; Walt King; Dave and Gloria Schwab; Bill and Evelyn Webb; Earl Wanklin ; Paul and Evonna Phillips; Jim and Janet Taylor; Bob  and Terry Tiley; Adam and Eva Ilnicki; Frank and Sandy Kern; Chuck Denlinger; Louise Story; Tom and Jaimee Rippert; John Hunt; Ben and Cindi Nolan; Pat and Patty Cawthorne; Wolfgang and Gudie Fischer; Chuck and Judy Goeltz; Jim and Diane Sanders

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