Automobilia Show – 2011

Image00001 January 30, 2011


With the NFL playoff games behind us and a week until the Super Bowl, a group of British Car enthusiasts gathered at the PC Pub in Pennsburg for the Fifth Annual DVC Automobilia Show (loving referred to as the Crappola Show).

It was quite a lovely day outside for a change, but still a bit too nippy for driving the old MG around – especially with the top down.  As we got there to set up shop, we found that one of our vendors was already in place and nearly finished setting up!  As we got things started, the other vendors got there and set up their wares.  Nearly all the vendors opted for the ‘double table’ option and so we had quite a nice selection of items to view (and buy).

The vendors weren’t finished setting up when people started to show up.  With such a nice day, we were a bit concerned that the sun might have a bigger draw than our show.  After the first hour, we realized that we were doing pretty well.  All told, 52 people showed up to check out the offerings.  Many (including myself) walking home with some new goodies!

Of course, the show wasn’t the only thing drawing the crowd.  The great food, beer, and service at PC Pub and the atmosphere did it’s share.  From our vantage point, we saw a constant flow of beer, food, discussions, and camaraderie.

A fun afternoon, and a great way to escape winter to dream of riding around in the sun with the top down!  Hope to see you there next year!   Lew

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