Tech Session 2010

The Tech Session was held on Saturday, April 10th at Dave Schwab’s garage overlooking the Beautiful Manatawny Valley!

Members attending were Walt King and Donna Bristol (MGTD), Chuck Denlinger, Lee Wesner, Paul Phillips (Midget), Evonna Phillips, Bill McCurdie (MGBGT), Jerry Keller,  Rob Hoeflein (MGTD),  Louise Story,  Jim Taylor (Mini Cooper),  Dave Sarley,  Chuck Goelz (MGA), Bill Shields (Morris Estate Wagon), Tom Rippert,  Bill Boorse (MGB),  Bob and Doris Logan,  Jeff Rose( MGA twinkie), and host Dave Schwab with his trusty dog Reggie!

We spent the good part of the day looking for a way to put space between Donna Bristol’s drive shaft and the tunnel above.  When Lew Phillips arrived we spent time bashing the brake drums on his B to make lots of noise.  Paul Phillips re-did the webbing under the seat of his Midget and then looked at the progress of Dave Schwab’s MGA.  All the while, we enjoyed Walt King’s pizza making skills and ate miscellaneous foods snacks.  We all drank a lot of coffee since it was cold most of the day.  So chilly, that we kept the doors closed to the garage. The crowd seemed to have a good time and learned more about our little cars.  Sometimes a bit more than they wanted, but that’s what a tech session is about!

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