Car Show Post Party – 2010

August 7, 2010

As we were about to enter into our 8th heatwave of the summer, how lucky we were to have such gorgeous weather for the Pennypacker Car Show and P3 party afterward!  We had the best car show ever and best P3 ever.  It was warm, bright sunshine, and low humidity.  Weather does count, doesn’t it??

We had a record turnout for the P3 party – over 50 people showed up this year!  See the list of attendees below (hopefully, I didn’t forget anyone).  It was a beautiful afternoon to hang out, have a beer, and rest after all the work that goes into running the car show.  Hank Rippert, all the way from Soddy Daisy, TN (yes, that is the name of the town), attended the festivities.  Unfortunately, Pop was not with him this year…

We had a nice visit from Warren Greaves, a member of the DVC from many years ago.  We talked him into renewing his membership, and buying a car badge and key fob.  (Its so easy to get money off some people).  Hopefully, we’ll see a lot more of him at future DVC events.  It was also nice to see some other DVC’ers we haven’t seen for a while.

Of course, everyone brought delicious food to enjoy.  One thing about the DVC, we eat and drink good!  One of our newest members, Adam and Eva Ilnicki brought genuine Polish Kielbasa.  Adam cooked it to perfection on the grill and everyone raved about it.  Adam, I didn’t get any, so you’ll just have to do it all again…

Attendees were: Dick & Sandy Suffredini, Adam & Eva Ilnicki, Dave & Gloria Schwab, Donna Bristol, Walt King, Rob Hoeflein, Warren Greaves and friend, Jan & Mark Scherbekow, Wade Albright and Jill Roesch, Hank Rippert, Wolfgang Fischer, Bob & Doris Logan, Jim & Janet Taylor, Bill & Linda Boorse, Tom & Deven Maddaloni, Paul & Evonna Phillips, Bill and Ann McCurdie, Earl Wanklin, Ernie & Barb Feldgus, Jeff Rose, Lee & Sandra Wesner, Lew Phillips, Chuck & Judy Goelz, Pat & Carmita Alzamora, Warren & Nancy Doerner, Bill & Evelyn Webb, Lyn & Bobbi Hughes, Chuck & Linda Daniels, Chuck Denlinger, Bob Tiley, and Sue Dougherty.  (Sorry if I missed anyone!)

Thanks to all who came to the P3 party.  And a big thank you to the girls who helped me with food and cleanup!

See you at the Hornsby Rallye!

Jaimee and Tom Rippert

See more pictures in the “Members” section!

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