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Message from Ed and Dee Flax

Dear DVC,

Dee and I would like to express our appreciation to the DVC and its members for the recognition of our fifty years of membership and as Founding Members. The plaque you sent was completely unexpected, but is delightful to look at, and hangs in a place of honor in...Read More »

Caller... You Are On The Air - 2020


  February 11, 2020

At 7pm on Tuesday, February 11th, it was time to turn off the TV and turn on that trusty old radio.  (Or, for the nerds among us… grab a streaming app and listen on...Read More »

Thank you!!!


Thank you notes
from Tom and Dick



To all members of the DVC,

I would like to thank all of you for the nice parting gifts Jaimee and I received at the Anniversary Party for our many years of dedication to the...Read More »

Lime Rock - 2012


   October 12-13, 2012

On October 12th and 13th Lime Rock Park was the venue of the 2012 Vintage Sports Car Club of America Fall Finale, One hundred vintage sports cars participated in 2 days of racing at the 2 mile track nestled in the rolling country side...Read More »

Team DVC in Poland - 2012


   September 2012

From the dashboard of Eva and Adam Ilnicki

Many of our DVC members already know that in the beginning of September Eva and I traveled to Poland to take part in the 1st Historic Edition of Rally of Poland.  Probably not as many people in the...Read More »

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