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TD Curtain Compartment - How To


A simple conversion, a big improvement – modifying the TD side curtain storage
Adding a hinged top to the TD storage compartment is a big improvement and simple process, Following are two options.

Materials: for modifying existing lid
2- 1½” X...Read More »

TD Curtain Compartment - The Story


TD’s as many know are wonderful little British cars, well-built yet challenging on some design matters.  Two mains for the electrical system that will allow a wiring harness melt down before a fuse will blow.  Single cylinder brake master cylinders,...Read More »

MGB Engine Interchange (Chris Nowlan)

One of the most frequently asked questions our sales department receives concerns the interchangeability of MGB engines. It seems that, while many owners are interested in fitting earlier, higher horsepower engines to their late MGBs, others are interested in installing later, low-mileage engines to their early cars.

MGB engines were produced...Read More »