Message Board File Share

Welcome, Message Board Member! (If you aren’t a member of the Message Board, just let the Systems Admin know via the Contact page).

Since the Message Board limits the email to 500kB, we have provided this option that will allow you to post the attachment to our website. It is very easy to use… Just select your files (individually or as a group) using the ‘Select’ button, or just drag and drop them over the window. Once you have them loaded, just click ‘Upload’ and they are on the way! Everyone in the Message Board group will be notified that files were added as soon as the upload is successful.

The email that is sent will have the links to check out the files. Or… you can go to and check out everything that has been uploaded!

BTW… To keep things clean, we will be doing periodic maintenance and will eventually move your files to a sub-folder based on submission date. After a year or so, they will be deleted.

Thanks for sharing with us!

Select individual or groups of files. You can also do Drag & Drop.