Hosting the DVC Christmas Party

Thanks for volunteering to host the DVC’s Annual Christmas Party.  Our Christmas Party is normally held on the first or second Saturday in December at a location of your choosing.  Here are some guidelines to assist you and make your task easier.

FACILITY:  Ideally, the restaurant/caterer should be close to major highways and should be able to provide you with a strip map that can then be made part of the flyer.  The banquet facility should be a private area or an area that lends itself to a group size of 40-60 people without interfering with other patrons.  Tables to accommodate raffle prizes are required, approximately 25 linear feet of table space would be ideal. Booking should be done as far ahead of time as possible, with a DVC check for a deposit.  Final site approval rests with the DVC Events Chairman after reviewing your concepts.  The DVC Events Chairman then councils with the DVC Chairman and Treasurer and the deposit check is then issued to the facility.

MENU:  Normally there would be a meat, a seafood and a poultry selection to include a salad and a dessert with provisions for people on special diets.  The operation of a cash bar will be required for the entire evening.

PRICING:  The total cost of the entrée, dessert, bartender (if required), tax and gratuity need to be prorated into the cost of the meal so that there are no surprises when the bill is delivered to the Treasurer at the end of the meal.  Please remember that an important part of your efforts is to find a facility that combines reasonable prices with a Holiday ambiance.

FLYER:  The creation of a flyer is the event host’s responsibility.  Don’t panic yet, it’s simple and there are plenty of past years examples to serve as a guide.  Generally speaking, the flyer contains the banquet announcement, strip map, registration form and raffle tickets (supplied by the DVC).  It is mailed out separately around the beginning of November.  Address labels are available from the DVC Membership Chairman and duplicating/postage expenses will be reimbursed from the DVC Treasurer.  And if you really don’t want to do the flyer, just let the Events Chairman know and we will help put it together for you.

ROSTER:  Attendees names, menu selections, raffle ticket purchases and check amounts are duly recorded to include totals.  All checks are forwarded to the DVC Treasurer on a timely basis.  Small placards with each attendee’s name and dinner selection are created to be handed out at the party prior to dinner.  The completed roster needs to be given to the Treasurer prior to the serving of dinner to facilitate the settling of all charges.

WEBSITE ARTICLE:  The event host also is requested to write up the event for the website and send it to the T-eTalk Editor.  A short article describing your event and who attended will suffice.  Once again, don’t panic, there are plenty of writers that can assist you if you suffer from “pen fright.”  The key here is to get the write up in as soon after the event as possible, while memories are still sharp.

LASTLY:  Don’t be afraid to be creative or of doing something different than past years’ banquets.  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or to ask for some assistance or guidance.  Thanks again for your help and we can’t wait to see what a great time everybody will have at this year’s Annual Christmas Party, thanks in large part to you and your efforts.