Note from the Webmaster

Great news everyone!!!!

T-Talk and the website have been staples of the DVC for many, many years.  Over that time, we strived to improve our beloved newsletter.  We’ve added stories, fliers, articles, and pictures.  We even started making color versions available on the website.

About a year ago, the board sat down to discuss how to make things bigger, better, and faster.  We decided that the best way was to merge T-Talk and the website.  That would give us all the room we wanted to publish stories and photos, allow us to get the stories out to you as soon as they are submitted (without having to wait for the next issue), keep flyers available and updated, and keep all of that (and more) at your finger tips.

We knew that this would not be an easy task and could not be done quickly (at least not if we wanted to do it right).  It would require not just a change in logistics for creating the newsletter, but also a total rewrite of the website.  So, we opted to go in steps.  First, we went all digital and started ‘sending’ the latest full color issues to you via the website.    In the meantime, we started looking for the process and tools that we needed to make this dream a reality.  Next, was the rewrite of the website.  We figured out a process, found the tools needed to create the site, and then built and loaded the information.

So now, my fellow DVC’ers, it is my proud honor and privilege to announce the release of…


Yes, my friends, the new website is available as of October 10, 2010!  Why that day?  Well, it just seemed really neat to be able to release it at 10:10:10 on 10/10/10!  After all, we are hoping that you agree with us that this new site rates a big 10!

I know that you will all have a lot of questions as to how exactly this merger will work.  Well, we are here to help answer all those questions and concerns.  Besides being able to ‘just ask’, we are also setting up a ‘Frequently Asked Questions” page on the site (click here to see it); setting aside some time during the Annual Meeting  on 11/21/10 (you will be there, right?); and possibly holding an ‘event’ to show you around the site and answer questions.

So, go check it out!  We hope you will enjoy the new site and welcome your feedback!

Lew Phillips, DVCMG Webmaster