The Delaware Valley Classic MG Chapter (DVC) established in 1970 is an organization of about 125 MG enthusiasts. The chapter is an “all MG” Club and is affiliated with the New England MG T Register (NEMGTR), the North American MGA register (NAMGAR) and the North American MGB register (NAMGBR).

The primary goal of the club is to provide opportunities for driving and sharing the enjoyment of MGs through motoring events and social activities. “Maintaining the Breed” through technical sessions, access to technical experts and the sharing of experience (and woes) of MG ownership, repair, maintenance and restoration is another benefit of the club.

You don’t have to own an MG to belong to the club. Local members live in the extended Delaware Valley area – as far north as Scranton PA, west to Harrisburg PA, south to Wilmington DE and east to the Jersey shore (we also have members as far away as California). Activities are centered in about a 50 mile radius from Philadelphia where the majority of the membership resides. Events are moved to serve all points of the compass.

We host a dozen or more terrific events every year such as:

  • Spring and Fall weekend tours
  • A golf outing (don’t be scared – it’s miniature golf)
  • Several car rallyes – including the Tom Hornsby Memorial Rally.
  • Tech Sessions
  • Holiday Party
  • and much, much more (see the Events Page for the latest list and dates)

Group events are also held in conjunction with the semi-annual NEMGTR GOFs (Gathering of the Faithful), NAMGAR GT’S (Get-Togethers), and other local events. Each November an annual meeting is held at a selected “watering hole” in the membership area to plan the forthcoming year’s events.

Membership in the DVC is $20 per year (grab an application). Dues cover the cost of maintaining the website, periodic mailings, event costs, and other operating expenses of the club. Many events are “covered dish” and are held at members’ homes.

DVC members are expected to join the Register appropriate for their car. Each Register membership is a bargain as you will receive a high quality publication dedicated to the preservation of your particular model of MG, and loaded with events, technical tips and other great stuff.

  • “T” members NEMGTR …. The Sacred Octagon (TSO)
  • “B” members NAMGBR …. MGB Driver
  • A” members NAMGAR …. MGA Magazine

Join the DVC today by mailing your $20 membership fee to:
(Click here for a form)

Pet & Nancy Yaskowski, DVC Treasurer
517 Quarry Road
Spring City, PA  19475

For further information, visit our “Contact Page”.

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