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Walt King Remembered - Lake


Janice and I visited the new 205 acre Washington Crossing National Cemetery in Bucks County, Pa. between Newtown and the Delaware River.  It is near the site of Washington’s crossing the Delaware on Dec. 25, 1776 to defeat the British (Hessian forces). It is, of course, part of Penn’s Grant....Read More »

About Today's Youth - Jim Taylor

On a recent Saturday, I was at a small community picnic. I was chatting with a young man who knows my son through the local fire company. This guy is perhaps 25, but very well traveled internationally, both with his parents and on his own. We’re talking about cars (natch!)...Read More »

Of Small Pubs and British Cars - Jim Taylor

Yeah, this really happened. Not so long ago, we were in northern Florida visiting friends. The music was great and they were wonderful hosts.  Although they were not able to accompany us on our last day in St. Augustine they did provide an insider’s list of things to do and...Read More »

Austin/Morris - Geoff Wheatley

There is little doubt that Morris and Austin were real competitors as far as the British Motor industry was concerned. Morris had built his name and fame on the mass market Family car and Austin had soon followed in his foot steps. Like Ford they were products of their time...Read More »

Why We Drive On The Right/Left Side - Mike Ruane

So, I was recently flying out to Seattle for business, and as we’re flying over this big, wide country, I figured that for a while we were going about ten times as fast as my MGB, and we were going in a fairly straight line. I don’t think that even...Read More »

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