Not getting emails… Comcast issue

Not getting our emails?  Are you a current member?  Do you have a Comcast email account?

Surprised by that last question?  Don’t be.  Many organizations from car clubs, to choruses, to churches, and even doctor’s offices have been having trouble.  The culprit… Comcast and their ‘filters’ to ‘help’ protect you from spam.

Somewhere in late 2018, Comcast added a new filter and option – then activated it automatically for you.  What does it do?  It takes anything that Comcast thinks is spam and totally destroys it!  We aren’t talking ‘toss it in the spam bucket’.  We aren’t even talking ‘put in the trash’.  We are talking no trace!  Totally erased!

So, how do you get around it?  First, you have to stop Comcast from throwing out your email on you.  Go to “Settings” for mail and select “Advanced Settings”.  Under “Spam Filtering”, make sure that “Save a copy of emails marked as spam” is checked.

Next time you get one of our emails, it will be in your spam folder.  Just add the email address to your Contacts, or mark it as ‘safe’.  You should be all set then… well, for that email address.  For other email addresses, you will have to watch for them, then either add them to your Contacts or mark as ‘safe’.

Confused?…  Check out this short video.  It will walk you through the process.