MGB parts auction

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$ 1.00

My mother, Ethel Day, is auctioning off my father's extensive hoard of MGB parts. the auction is an on-line auction, located in north-central Pa. The United Country Jelliff Auction Group is conducting the sale. I do not intend to promote the sale for the benefit of the auction house. Never-the-less, the lots of parts are currently going for $1 a piece, most likely for scrap metal. the auction is listed under Day Auction and the first picture will be of a gun safe. The lots include engines, trannys, running gears, interior and exterior parts. two complete cars are also listed. one car is pretty rough, but the other car is a completely restored and painted body that has been stored in a good, weather-tight garage. The person who photographed this body did not bother to wipe the dust off of it, so it looks bad, but it really is in good shape. one of the engines was completely rebuilt in anticipation of installing it in this refurbished body. It would be a shame if these parts were to go to the scrap yard, when perhaps many of your members could use them. the auction ends on November 11th. Again, I do not intend to promote the auction for the auctioning firm. My mother could use the cash though, and my father would be happy that the parts went to a good use, instead of the scrap heap. the lots are fairly well photographed and broken up into lots easily loaded into a pick-up truck. The auction is easily found on Google.

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